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Whiting Farms Hebert Miner Cream Hackle Capes and Saddles

On the surface pretty much self explanatory but let’s delve in a little deeper, it is a much more complex color than the name implies. On one side of the Cream spectrum is white or off white.  Both of these colors are quite hard to come by. There are two reasons for this. First, most of these hackles end up in the dye bath.  Second, is feather quality, pure white can be a bit soft for dry fly purposes is rarely adequate for dry fly applications. The next shades that fall under the “cream” label are dirty white and ghost barred white. The color dirty white can be is best described as white with a "dirty" overcast, generally a faint dunnish ginger or brown.  Ghost barred white is basically white with the faint dunnish color barring on the feather.  Both of these shades are the first steps on the road to pale watery dun, light grey dun and light ginger dun. Next is the "Classic" cream color, white with a light ginger over cast. Anyone who has grown up on a dairy farm knows exactly what I'm talking about: the color of the cream that rises to the top of fresh milk. That pale yellowy golden color that's the "classic color cream. Within the cream color category the light ginger overcast color can get stronger until it is on the threshold of light ginger and the beginning of the color ginger.

We inspect and grade each cape and saddle then take high-resolution, quality photos of each one so you know exactly what you are ordering from us. Since from bird to bird the colors may vary (as well as dyed colors) we show all in stock colors below for you to chose the exact one that meets your needs. (Click on a thumbnail image below to see a larger image.)